Email List Matters.

 I have big trouble trying to add all of you to the Google Group. Some do not have gmail and all, so i decided to make sure we make this right by doing this spreadsheet please download it, and respond accordingly to the remarks(to be updated everyday, current version is v1.2) : DOWNLOAD HERE

For those who want to find out where is the form, here it is: FORM
Please cooperate with me on this one so we can make this smooth and easy for everyone. Thanks.

UPDATE #1 17/01/2011 2230: 
Latest version of numbers spreadsheet uploaded. (Jia Sheng and Idris joined group, Su En, Carisa and Yi Lin updated their emails, waiting for accept right now. Thanks for all your response so far!)

UPDATE #2 18/01/2011 1755:
v1.2 of numbers file uploaded. (thanks to ZhengJie and Christopher Nah for their cooperation. Please accept your invitation. Thank you :D)

UPDATE #3 19/01/2011 2013:
v1.2.1 of numbers file uploaded. The following people please respond to the requirements asap:

  1. Teoh Yun(Please fill form with gmail)
  2. Jaime Pang(Fill form with Gmail)(Accept Group Request)
  3. Darryl Lam(Fill form with Gmail)
  4. Jasper Phang (Fill form with Gmail)
  5. Lionel Lim (Fill form with Gmail)
  6. Radhakrishnan Abilash (Fill form with Gmail)
  7. Christopher Nah (Fill Form with Gmail)(Accept Group Request)
  8. Nur Shamemi (Accept Group Request)
  9. Cheng Hao En (Accept Group Request)
  10. Priyanka Srikanth (Accept Group Request)
  11. Ng Yu Zhe(Accept group Request)


  1. can send to yahoo? i don't have gmail xD

  2. eh.. I dont have gmail, but have yahoo and sst email

  3. I don't have the gmail but i use the yahoo to create a blogger account.