[TGIF] Weekend Homework 15-17 January 2011

wooohooo! Friday! yeeeehaaaa. I would rate this Weekend's work load as : CRAZY So let's jump in to what we have for the weekend!

Homework 01 - Algebraic Fractions(PLEASE DO NOT SCREW THIS UP)
#Update 1 2041 14/1/2011 : Math Ace-Learning

History Module Pages Document Page 8 & 13

Practical 1: Constructing dichotomous key worksheet
Worksheet 1 & 2 done by Monday.
Please post the pictures of the leaves your group is suppose to take on the Science Blog

Idea Book Term 1 Week 2 Activity. Download from ADMT GoogleSite (no, i will not hyperlink it for you.)

Leave all your week rants and your 'protests' for this week in your comments section below, do not be discouraged if no one entertains you coz the most possible reason is that either it is not much of a problem or people just hate you(just kiddin') 

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