MUNDAY. 21/02/2011. T2W8.
Well, you may or may not know this alright, today in International Mother Tongue Day! That's right 21st of February is International Mother Tongue Day, something that the UNESCO started! Okay, let's cu the chase and jump right into the homework for today!

Reminders for the week ahead:
Science Level Test *twist fingers that it's on Wednesday, not tomorrow*
Mathematics Quiz 03 (22/02/2011)<--- Please note, this is not a prequiz.
Mathematics Level Test 01 (24/02/2011)<--- 5%(i think?) of total grade.

As you guys would have probably realized, I have removed Karan's misleading post on the deadline of assignment 4. Please note it's deadline is actually: FRIDAY
Okay people, I've just built a discussion on the topic: Flow of Energy & Matter in the Environment on the google groups for you guys to have all your discussions regarding the topic there. 
Kudos to Lionel for starting the MSG thread, please be proactive in these discussions please.

Homework 03 (done by this coming Thursday?) correct me in the comments section below if i got that wrong.

Chapter 5 Blog Question(Please do this in hard copy) Read the instructions CAREFULLY please

Personal Appeal to my dear friends:
Abilash and I really need your support on this, we do not like these negative rumors about us hacking when we're actually trying to exploit something. Kindly view this blog post. Thanks for your support. Really appreciate it.

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