Hmwk during the March Hols

Hey guys, I noticed that the Class Blog's kinda dead so... Just wanted to update you guys on some of the hmwk coming up.

Maths Hmwk 04
Maths wksht (answers to be uploaded in google sites.)
Science Video (though for elearning, but since we know about it, no harm in starting first rite :D)
S&W Form for those who haven't finish...

From LLS class:
Check HCL Blog! there is ALOT of hmwk to be done.
Especially the dou hao newspaper hmwk, we have to prepare a special book for the newspapers, which will be checked after ELEARNING WK.
There are 4 douhao to be reviewed in total, from wk 7 until wk 10.

Also, those who haven't finish the


please finish it asap.

[Deadline, I not that sure... Some by end of eLearning wk, some by end of march hols. Check it up urself. I'm not sure if the work includes eLearning work, but... that's what i know.]

Good luck people! Alot of hmwk for the hols... not to mention eLearning's coming up.

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