Homework 5/5/2011
Just a quick one regarding IH Tests:


Evaluation of plate tectonics - measures to prevent high death rate.
Plate Diagrams - testing diagrams that never been tested.

Example of Evaluation of Japanese Earthquake Measures:
In Japan, schools and offices prepare children and workers to conduct monthly earthquake drills so people are familiar with the procedures to evacuate and protect themselves. However they are not practiced in developing countries like in China and it's not a normal compulsory national program thus resulting in the people not knowing what to do at times of disaster.

Formatting for Evaluation:
Point ---> Pros ---> Cons

Read Lesson 7 CAREFULLY.


3 SBQ Qns
2 SEQ Qns
PEEL - Point.Evidence.Explain.Link.

Ancient Civilization
  • Shang Dynasty
  • Indus Valley
SBQ -> Basic Inference (5m) x2 -> ICE - Inference.Content. Explanation
SBQ -> Comparison (Similarities) AOC

*Download ALL of "Module 2" and "Ancient Civilizations - Compare & Contrast Skills"

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