Back to school... Homework 27-28/06/2011

-Create the google site for your own group. Insert a logo/picture and motto of the group. Fill the details of the group and site in the google form. (For more details, visit the Physics GoogleSite)

-Write a paragraph 80-100 words on foolscap
within 1 minute and leave a line

Topic-Child labour

1. Definition
2. Why is it a problem? (Consequences/Proposed Solutions)
3. Thesis statement <--- Really IMPORTANT.

-Do up the corrections for the test

华文(Mdm Yeo's class):

-Review the Maths handout on Probability of the 1st page.
-Maths Performance Task 1 (to be done by 1st July 2011 2200) and 2 (to be done by 22nd July 2200)

-Do up the poster (SST theme) Label the .jpeg file as IndexNo._SST_Poster_Name.jpg

Choose a suitable location for a building and select the type of building that you want to design (e.g. Hospital, Shopping Mall, Sports Complex, etc.)

Slides have been uploaded to the ADMT GoogleSite, but I'll hot link it HERE anyway.


->Maths Topics that we will be covering over the period of 13 weeks:
1. Probability
2. Matrix/Matrices
3. Congruency and Similarity
4. Area and Volume of similar figures and solids
5. Pythagoras' Theorem
6. Trigonometry
7. Mensuration

->If you haven't done your NTU Flagship Survey or handed up edusave form, get it done.

Remember to bring your thermometer to school on 30th June 2011!

That's all I have for now. Please comment, edit or publish a new post if the information is wrong or missing.

Let's help each other out! :D

UPDATE Tuesday 28/06/2011 1758 by Jurvis ^^:
Edited ADMT, Mathematics, Banner Picture, Date of temperature taking exercise added, more additional notes.

---Quote of the day: The strength of a chain is as strong as its weakest link.---

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