ADMT Notes

This is a rough idea of the contents in the ADMT Journal:

Level 1 - Only stating the facts
Level 2 - Superficial understanding
Level 3 - Not sufficient information and analysis
Level 4 - Specific and thorough understanding of the surrounding areas

-Introduce the neighbourhood
-Observations made around the neighbourhood
-Thinking process behind (e.g Is there a need for another shopping mall? How many residents are there in Redhill? Population? What kind of people stay in this Redhill area?)
-Target audience (Specific Age)
-Consistent Flow of the Journal

JUSTIFY WHAT TO BUILD - PURPOSE (e.g. Grocery Shopping?)

-Find the needs of the people
-Demanding (Who tells you it is demanding? Support with reasons)
-Show evidence (Trend of people going in weekends, how it serves the purpose of having a shopping mall at an estate)
-Get existing data (Surveys, Great Singapore Sale indications)
Surveys are only valid if there are more than 100 participants
-Support with Evidence and Explanation

Find the need of the target audience there, do research on the surroundings, what is lacking on the area or articles to observe certain trends


Place where you choose:

Explain and justify why the place is chosen
-Based on personal observations (Not sufficient, only triggers the concept)
-Best location?
-Accessibility, Central?
-Distribution of common buildings in Singapore

Brainstorm of ideas on how the building will look like:

-Brainstorming based on research information
-How will your building stand out from other buildings? (e.g Shopping mall built in with residential areas, bus interchange, facilities, etc.)
-At least 3 ideas/variations of designs (Exterior and Interior/Layout/Arrangement)
-Draw ideas and make your thinking why you design that idea
-References to support your design

Specific Details of what is the color, texture, what kind of lighting (Different feel, ambience)

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