Reflection_Decision Making

Unlike Christopher I can't refract...
What are some of the decisions that you have made but regretted? Good decisions? What are the mistakes you have made? How did you make this decision?

One of the awesome decisions I have made is to walk around the school one day and see Mr. Johari sitting at the grass patch and deciding to sit there with him. Soon after that I became one of SST's cyber-wellness ambassadors. I also got to represent the school in a competition.

How did I make this decisions? I don't no, it was really random. :P

I regretted joining Tamil in P1, I believe I would have done better in Hindi, because my parents speak that language, so I can have support at home. I also regret joining Higher Tamil in secondary, as I could just barely cope with Tamil. The school made this decision for me =.=
Karan Sarat

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