Reflection_Decision Making

What are some of the decision that you have made but regretted? good decisions?

The time when I thought of quitting swimming when I was staying in Yishun where I have been going for swimming for at least 3 years in Yishun, thus I lost touch on swimming ... The good decisions were when I decided that I will quit Kumon because it wasted a lot of time and I had to do the same worksheet for about 5 times... and the decision I made to go to British Council.

What are the mistakes that you have made?

The time when I moved house from Yishun to Novena because I stayed in the condominium for only 1 year and I should have stayed in homely Yishun rather than noisy Novena.

How did you make the decision?

The decision I made for going to British council was made when I thought of improving my English. It really helped me because every week I have a lesson there and what they teach there helps me 100% in School live writing letters and narrative essays.

Name: Priyanka

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