The TCS period is allocated on the last period of each day for the purpose of Talent Development, Consultation and Support Program.
Teachers will select students identified for Talent Development and Support Program while Consultation is initiated by student, subjected to availability of subject teachers. If you are not involve in any of the above, you are to use the time to complete your homework/assignment or do self-studying.

Schedule and Venue

The table below summarizes the schedule and venue for Talent Development and Support Programme.
 Monday    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday    Friday
 Talent MATH (MPR 2) I&E (LO)
 Support SCI (LO) MATH (LO)EL (MPR 1) HCL (MPR 1)
SupportSCI (MPR 2)CL (MPR 2)
There is no fixed venue for consultation. Please liaise directly with your teacher for the venue for consultation.


You can seek consultation from teachers using the booking form below. Before you book, please check the availability of teachers indicated in the google spreadsheet below. After submitting your booking (at least 1 day in advance), remember to check your teachers' response to your request before proceeding for consultation. After consultation, you are to go back to your class. You will be dismissed from the class.

Teachers Availability:
Booking Form:
Teacher's Response to Request: